Bathroom lighting
Function meets haptics and high-quality surfaces

A bathroom is more than just a functional place. Bathrooms are also feel-good rooms where we can relax and take care of ourselves. Good lighting which is also stylish plays an important role. High-quality extruded ​plastic profiles , tubes​​, sheets​ and optical foils from BWF Profiles ensure uniform light distribution and a homogeneous appearance. Whether smooth or satin-finished, the classic and hard-wearing surfaces always impress with their brilliance. A discreet yet impressive alternative to glass. Find out more about the requirements for us and our products here.

Special requirements for our BWF Profiles products for bathroom lighting

  • Compliance with splash water regulations (IP protection classes)

  • Complete protection against dust penetration

  • Development of high-quality and at the same time hard-wearing surfaces

  • Production of ready-to-install plastic products by attaching glued or ultrasonically welded end caps in our in-house processing centre

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