Precisely directed light

Special light controls can be achieved through the lens contours. In addition, BWF Profiles offers the possibility of suppressing glare in lenses in the transverse direction. Individual structures as well as cross prismatic are possible.

BWF Profiles also offers lenses in various materials and with various additives to obtain the photographic image. So these can be optimized with additional BWF products, such as BWF premiumLIGHT or BWF reflectWHITE according to your needs.


  • individual lengths possible
  • faster and more economical tool development compared to the injection moulding process
  • glare suppression for linear lights possible
  • optimized installation options compared to injection moulding solutions
  • special radiation characteristics can be used, such as narrow, wide, asymmetrical, double
    asymmetrical radiation
  • additives possible
  • multi-extrusion possible, e.g. with seal and layer
  • combination possible with other products such as BWF premiumLIGHT or BWF reflectWHITE


  • office and workplace lighting
  • industrial lighting
  • retail
  • additional uses that require light control

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