Plastic profile incorporating BWF reflectWHITE
Perfect lighting efficiency

BWF reflectWHITE has a very high reflectance and so it increases the efficiency of lighting. With the help of additives, BWF Profiles can also influence the reflective properties. Due to the high degree of freedom with extrusion, reflector surfaces can be designed according to the needs of the customer.

Optimisation of lighting efficiency

  • very high reflectance
  • excellent light diffusion
  • fantastic thermal formability
  • simple, chipfree punching
  • natural light reflection without blue colouration
  • environmentally friendly and completely recyclable

Even more advantages

  • possible to avoid additional reflector parts
  • simplified installation
  • available in PC and PMMA
  • produced by multiple extrusions from the same tools
  • possible materials combination

    - with clear and diffuse coverage and light-emitting surface

    - with more products and processes, for example with bending technologies


  • linear lighting for all areas
  • office lighting
  • industrial lighting
  • designer lighting

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