Light-diffusing plastic sheets
Visible hotspots are yesterday's news

With BWF Profiles plastic sheets made from special materials, you achieve optimum light diffusion and maximum transmission, all without visible hotspots. With four different types of light-diffusing sheets, you are sure to find the right plastic sheets for your project at BWF Profiles.
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Advantages of light-diffusing sheets

  • Excellent light diffusion without visible hotspots
  • Extremely shallow, uniformly illuminated and efficient lighting elements are all possible
  • Ideal for deep-drawing and edging

Our light-diffusing sheets can be used for a wide variety of applications

  • Lines of light / strip lighting
  • Deep-drawn diffusers
  • Ceiling sheets

BWF colourLED® sheet
For uniformly illuminated lighting elements

With a material recipe designed specifically for high power LED applications, BWF colourLED® sheets provide unsurpassed light diffusion for our customers' applications. Our BWF colourLED® sheets make very shallow, uniformly illuminated and efficient lighting elements easy to realise.

Advantages of BWF colourLED® sheets

  • Up to 40% more light output compared to standard colouring, without hotspots
  • Adjustment to match individual LED colour temperatures possible
  • Excellent light diffusion
  • Available from stock in various wall thicknesses and materials


BWF ecoRAIL® sheets
The material of choice for rail vehicles

BWF ecoRAIL® sheets combine the lighting advantages of BWF colourLED® with the distinguishing features of BWF ecoRAIL®: Compliance with all recognised fire protection standards and improved long-term stability.

Advantages of BWF ecoRAIL® sheets

  • Meets all recognised European fire protection standards
  • Shows significantly better long-term stability than all standard flame retardant grades on the market


BWF designPRISM Sheets
A high-quality structure combined with excellent light diffusion properties

The BWF designPRISM sheet combines two tried and tested innovations from BWF Profiles in one product. Our light-diffusing plastic sheets offer the perfect light diffusion properties of BWF colourLED® in combination with the high-quality appearance of BWF diamondPRISM®'s prism structure.

Advantages of BWF designPRISM sheets

  • Evens out LED hot spots while allowing for maximum transmission
  • Microprismatic structure for high-quality look and feel and defined light diffusion
  • Effective light diffusion without additional scattering foil
  • The inverse structure of the microprismatics means there are no predetermined breaking points & no additional carrier sheet is required
  • Uni-directional structure gives for a uniform appearance


Acryl-Satiné and Satiné-Blend sheets
Excellent light diffusion for a beautiful design

Acryl-Satiné (PMMA-based) and Satiné-Blend (PC-based) feature excellent light diffusing properties that will set the scene perfectly for your projects.

You can find more information about the raw materials for our acrylic satiné and satiné blends here.

Advantages of Acryl-Satiné and Satiné-Blend sheets

  • High degree of transmission
  • Satined, resistant surface
  • Satiné blend sheets are ideal for applications that have special flame retardant safety requirements.
  • Excellent for deep-drawing and edging


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