Customised acoustic solutions
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The acoustic solutions from BWF Feltec not only impress with their sound optimisation and absorption of pollutants, but also with their unique and individual design. Customisation allows you to adapt the products to your own specific needs and preferences. The choice of colours, shapes and sizes not only optimises acoustic performance, it also creates a harmonious overall look in the room.

Advantages of customisable acoustic solutions:

Customised acoustic solutions for sound insulation optimisation offer a number of advantages, particularly in the area of room acoustics and design. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Sound absorption: Wool felt is a natural sound absorber. By absorbing sound waves, it reduces unwanted noise and improves room acoustics. This is particularly important in rooms with many hard surfaces. Our polySONIC material also helps with sound absorption.

  • Sustainability: Wool felt is a sustainable material made from natural fibres. It is biodegradable and can be recycled and therefore supports the responsible use of resources.

  • Acoustic optimisation: Customised acoustic solutions can be tailored specifically to the acoustic requirements of a room. This enables an effective improvement in acoustics without compromising the overall appearance of the room.

  • Durability: Wool felt is known for its durability and resilience. Well cared for, it can retain its structural integrity over an extended period of time, resulting in a long-lasting acoustic solution.

  • Flexibility and versatility: Our materials can be made and cut in different colours, shapes and sizes. This allows customised designs and adaptations to different room concepts to suit your personal preferences.

Customised sound insulation with wool felt

Customised acoustic solutions offer a tailor-made response to the diverse requirements of rooms in terms of sound quality and design. Wool felt is a particularly effective material for these solutions. This natural material is characterised by its outstanding sound-absorbing properties, which effectively reduce unwanted noise. We also offer our polySONIC, acoustic panels made partly from recycled polyester, which is also acoustically effective.


There are countless areas in which a customised felt cut brings its advantages. Some of these are listed below:

  • Interior and lifestyle: Whether in the office, conference room or at home
  • Acoustics: For noisy classrooms, trade fair presentations or call centres
  • Decoration and presentation: For sales areas, in hotels and restaurants

When deciding on sound insulation, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the room and your individual preferences in order to develop customised solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our polySONIC acoustic panels and wool felt provide you with a variety of acoustic solutions.

Wall coverings
Pleasant acoustics and exclusive design

Whether you want to cover just a small section or an entire wall, our wall coverings reliably absorb sound and pollutants and transform your surroundings into a real eye-catcher! With the help of our cutter and our products wool felt and polySONIC, we provide sound insulation and at the same time give your rooms an individual look.

Furniture coverings
Diverse designs and large colour selection

Thanks to their individual and efficient design, our furniture coverings provide flexible design options and sound insulation in one. As the furniture in the room usually already exists, this is an easy way to improve the acoustics in the room without major changes.

Advantages of wall and furniture coverings:

  • Wide range of design variants and large selection of colours
  • Large variety of materials, customised to your application
  • Good workmanship, smooth and precise cut edges
  • Easy installation and enhancement of the room

Individual design options
Your wishes - our solutions

Do you have a special request? We develop customised, efficient solutions that meet your requirements. All in all, our acoustic solutions made of wool felt offer an ideal combination of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability to optimise rooms acoustically and at the same time set an appealing design accent.

Our service for your customised acoustics and sound insulation solution:

We don't just offer you ready-made sound absorbers and panels for sale, but a customised solution for you and your room. This includes the following points:

  • Individual acoustic advice and needs assessment to create customised solutions for you

  • Acoustic measurement of your room on request

  • Product advice to show you the possibilities with our products

  • Customised cuts with our CNC cutter

  • Personalisation of the blanks, for example your logo made of wool felt in the conference room

  • Support with installation, assembly instructions and suitable accessories if required

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