Technical Felt for Industrial Use
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For more than 50 years, we at BWF Protec have been producing technical felts for a wide range of industrial applications at our Hof site. Needle felt by the metre, as endless needled rollers or belts as well as ready-made parts made from a wide range of nonwoven felt qualities are used, for example, in the metalworking industry, in protective clothing or also as fire protection barriers in train and aircraft seats.

Technical felts from BWF Protec
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With our high-tech machinery we produce high-quality technical felts. We are not limited to needle felt yard goods, but also produce endless needled felt rollers and endless needle felt belts. Various finishes and surface treatments as well as finishing options, e.g. cutting or punching of nownwovens, expand our production spectrum. This opens up a wide range of possible applications. Here we present the whole world of our technical felts:

High-quality needle felt
Yard goods & co. designed for your demands

Technical felt has found its way into the most diverse areas of life and application. Technical needle felt usually comes in white, grey, anthracite or black. Depending on the fibre or application, other colours are also available, such as green or blue needle felt for car washes. Or para-aramid felts for heat protection applications in yellow. The decisive factor is always the requirement placed on our felt qualities.
See for yourself for which areas nonwovens already being purchased:

Fire protection in trains
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Needle felts provide protection in racing suits
Heat & Safety
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Endless belts for the aluminium extrusion
HTM Handling
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You want to buy technical felt directly?

BWF Protec is a B2B supplier of technical needle felts by the metre, endless needled rollers and rings as well as endless needled belts. In addition, we also offer ready-made parts out of our felt yard goods, e.g. cutting, punching and cutting off the roll width.
Are you looking for nonwovens for technical or industrial applications? With BWF Protec you have found the right partner. Our colleagues form sales and product management (whether in Hof or directly at our subsidiaries) are at your side with their expertise to find the most suitable felt quality for your individual needs.
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Nonwovens for technical-industrial use

Yes, we produce our nonwovens and technical felts ourselves in Germany. We use a wide variety of synthetic fibres, but also natural fibres. We currently solely use a mechanical process, namely needling, for the production of our technical felts be it yard goods, rollers or belts. That is why our products are called “needle felt” or also more commonly nonwovens.

Among other things, nonwovens are also used in the fashion industry, for decoration purposes, for handicrafts or also as acoustically effective needle felt elements in the office (for these purposes, as a B2B customer, you are in good hands with our colleagues at BWF Feltec). We deliberately distinguish ourselves here with the designation "technical felt". Our needlefelt is bought by companies involved in fire protection, occupational safety (personal protective equipment, welding protection) or other industrial and technical applications (e.g. in the steel industry). Applications where the focus is not on the appearance but on the function of the felt material.

BWF Protec produces technical felt or nonwovens from mainly synthetic fibres. We use needle technology as the production process. This is why our products are also called needlefelt. Our felts are not only available by the metre, but also as endless needled rollers and belts. Furthermore, as an additional service, our customers can also buy custom-made needle felt parts from us.

The specifications are usually determined by our customers on the basis of the area of application, e.g. "We require a nonwoven by the metre in 5mm thickness, area of application automotive, colour black or anthracite, roll width 100 cm, flame retardant according to MVSS 302." We then clarify further required details such as weight per unit area, quantity, exact area of application. All these details form the basis for the configuration of the needle felt quality.
We are as flexible as possible in terms of thickness, basis weight, roll width and length. You can find the key data for our technical felts here.

Generally, colours are only of limited importance for technical felts and nonwovens. The basic colours for our needle felts are therefore white, grey, anthracite and black. Para-aramid felts are usually yellow due to the colour of the fibres. In addition, it is of course also possible to produce needle felt in other colours, e.g. there are red, green, yellow or blue needle felts for car washes.
If you are generally looking for coloured felt qualities for decorative purposes, please contact our colleagues at BWF Feltec.

Our customers are based in a wide variety of industries. Whether it is the shoe, glass, aluminium or steel industry, protective clothing manufacturers, manufacturers for railway and aircraft seats - due to our product diversity, our felt qualities can be found in the most diverse areas. Needle felt from BWF Protec is also used in cars, but here not so much in the familiar areas such as carpeting or headliners, but rather in special applications for insulation.
Unfortunately, we cannot serve private individuals who want to buy felt by the metre.
The only exception is our service water filters for domestic water filters made of technical felt. These will soon be available for private customers on Amazon.

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