Industrial Specials & Components
BWF Protec offers technical needle felts for a wide variety of industrial applications

BWF Protec supplies needle felts by the yard, needled felt tubes and felt belts as well as ready-made parts to a wide range of industries, from car wash manufacturers to the household appliance and laundry industries.

Washing and drying felts
for car washes

One of the few areas in which our technical needle felts are visible to users are textile car washes and car wash facilities. BWF Protec felts gently clean and dry your vehicle - our customers swear by it.

We supply well-known car wash manufacturers with coloured needle felts in the form of yard goods, but also as parts cut to size, which are then processed into brushes.

Car washes are available for cars, busses, trains, trucks

Needle felts for the shoe industry

Needle felts from BWF Protec warm your feet as insoles or liner socks for rubber boots - in this case, we opt for natural materials, incorporating wool. Technical needle felts are also used in the manufacture of high-quality soles for trekking shoes, but remain invisible to the consumer.

Liner sock
for rubber boots
Needle Felts
for the sole production

Needle felt belts
for cutting tables

With our BWF BeltTec line, we offer durable, hard-wearing and cost-effective needle felt belts as clearing belts for cutting tables.
You will receive the tapes cut to length and width with a prefabricated connector.

Of course, we at BWF Protec also use this quality on our own cutting table.

Technical needle felts for the steel industry

In the steel industry, our nonwoven needle felts are mainly used as brake felts under the name BWF CoilTec. However, we also offer solutions for oiling and de-oiling, cleaning, etc.

Brake felts
for the steel industry
BWF CoilTec needle felts
for the steel industry

Needle felt components for household appliances
e.g. drum seals for tumble dryers

Technical needle felts also help out around the home, working to keep clothes dryer drums tight, for example. At BWF Protec, we produce and assemble felt sealing strips made from special fibres.

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Technical needle felts from BWF Protc
Yard goods, endless rollers and belts, or ready-made parts.
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