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Mission Statement
These are our leading thoughts

The BWF Group has experienced steady growth over the last 125 years. As a family business, we are focused on long-term success; growth always goes hand in hand with a down-to-earth approach. Increased company size and international presence, however, pose significant challenges when it comes to clearly communicating one's business identity and related goals. This is why we've developed the following mission statement.

What we do

  • One of our key tasks is supporting and advising customers over the entire life cycle of the products. In doing so, our priority is on commitment and partnership.
  • In addition to in-depth market knowledge, our extensive expertise of Research & Development helps us to implement customer-specific solutions. We seek to develop a detailed understanding of our customers' end products as well as the benefits that our products and services bring.

  • Customer orientation is a key value for all our products and services - it's why we stay as close to the market as we do. Only in this way can we recognise at an early point whether new or continued developments are moving in the desired direction.
  • It is an essential company principle that we meet our customers' highest standards for quality. We distinguish ourselves from market competitors by bringing customers the added value on which they depend. To do so, it is necessary to seek out their opinion regularly.         
  • As a family business, we strive for long-term profitable growth.
  • Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us. We stand by our commitment to society and the environment.

How we do it

  • Our employees form the foundation for our past, present and future success. As a company, we expect a high level of motivation, personal responsibility and motivation on a daily basis. At the same time, however, we support our employees with comprehensive training, including many continuing education programmes and individual coaching sessions.
  • Innovation is a key value at the BWF Group; we seek to promote our employees' enthusiasm and joy of experimentation and to constantly reinvent ourselves. In this connection, the following principle applies: What may already have been discarded once might become relevant again at any time.
  • The combination of tradition and modernity makes us unique among similar companies. We are proud to look back on five generations of family ownership - we know where we come from. At the same time we keep an eye towards the future, reinvesting the majority of our profits each year. Acting with consideration for the environment and operating as efficiently as possible is another key value.
  • We view our relationships with customers and business associates as true partnerships. In doing so, we have a particular focus on long-term relationships, a number of which have existed for decades.
  • The BWF Group is a group of companies that today has four operative business divisions and defined central areas. As a group we support each other mutually, making consistent use of synergies in our collaborative efforts.
BWF Group Management Mission Statement
"BWF Group is your worldwide Technology Leader and Innovation Partner. We provide individual high-quality solutions in the textile & plastics industry."

from left to right: Maximilian Offermann, Dr. Philipp von Waldenfels
Management BWF Group