Fire protection for seats in aircrafts, trains, etc.


BWF Protec technical needle felts protect against fire

In order to meet special requirements for fire protection in trains, trams, ships and aircraft, renowned seat manufacturers use special technical needle felts as a layer between the outer fabric and the upholstery material to block fires. Special emphasis is placed on low flammability and low toxicity.

Fire protection in trains


Fire protection in trains
train seat with BWF Fireblocker SFO from BWF Protec


Train seat with BWF Fireblocker SFO

Fire protection by BWF Protec for railway seats

Flame retardant needle felts - in this case especially BWF FireGuard®, BWF Fireblocker ARA, and BWF Fireblocker SFO - protect you e.g. in trains from:

  • Siemens

  • Alstom

  • Bombardier

  • Stadler

  • Skoda

  • China Train Group

Our various classes meet the latest standard EN 45545-2, among others.

Fire protection for seats in aircrafts


Fire protection in aircrafts
Aircraft seat cushion with a layer of BWF FireGuard®


BWF FireGuard® protects aircraft seat cushions

Fireblocker needle felts in aircrafts

Various BWF Protec classes, especially the Fireblocker BWF FireGuard® , are used by the following manufacturers e.g. in aircraft seats:

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Embraer
  • Comac
  • Bombardier

The high-tech needle felts used comply with the standard FAR 25.853(a).

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