Extruded lighting profiles for trains

Buses & trains

Ambience, function and safety on wheels & rails

In buses and trains, lighting units perform a variety of different functions. Extruded plastic profiles, tubes and sheets are used both for direct lighting (e.g. from seats) and indirect lighting (e.g. from wall and ceiling elements). But extruded plastic profiles , plastic sheets and optical foils can also be used as functional components, for example as luggage racks, display elements or with holes for speakers.

Special requirements for our BWF Profiles products in the bus & train sector

  • The materials used comply with common fire protection standards, such as EN 45545

  • Establishing a relaxed travel atmosphere through the use of optical features such as prisms and lenses for targeted light control

  • Producing ready-to-install profiles, tubes and sheets through various processing steps (e.g. milling, drilling, gluing or polishing) executed in our in-house, uniquely equipped processing centre

  • Homogeneous appearance which bears the required transmission in mind

  • The use of our specially developed material BWF ecoRAIL® (tested and certified by leading fire protection laboratories) ensures maximum flame protection and is 100% halogen-free.

Extruded lighting profiles and plastic sheets for trains
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