Maintenance and servicing
of your baghouse by BWF Envirotec

Filter maintenance and filter testing for safe system operation - by BWF Envirotec

With our expertise in the maintenance and servicing of baghouses, you are always one step ahead. Because with BWF Envirotec as your partner, you have the full competence of filter media and filter bag production at your disposal. Whether regular maintenance of baghouses, the implementation of legally prescribed maintenance cycles or inspections of filter bags - our specialists are familiar with all the details (including system construction). Our trained eye detects possible wear at an early stage and determines the optimization potential of your system.

Professional inspection of your filters by our experts -
at BWF Envirotec

Ensuring the unrestricted function and smooth operation of your baghouse is an important concern for us. We protect you from unexpected defects and process failures and support you in complying with legal requirements. BWF Envirotec provides you with a system inspection service for this purpose. By inspecting your air filters, we not only ensure reliable operation, but also help to minimize long-term costs and increase the service life of your baghouse. Our experts are available throughout the inspection process to provide comprehensive advice and support. We understand that every baghouse has its own unique requirements. That's why our experts work closely with you, with the aim of tailoring the filter inspection to your individual needs.

Our offer to inspect your filter set is divided into two service packages of varying scope:

Filter Check

  • Inspection of all essential elements of the filter
  • Inspection of all components of your system for defects
  • Creation of a test report

Complete inspection

  • Technical inspection of all relevant system components

  • Carrying out a trial run

  • Preparation of a status report

  • Correction of minor defects directly on site

Maintenance of your baghouses by your experienced and reliable partner - BWF Envirotec

The unrestricted function and operational safety of your baghouse is very important to us. BWF Envirotec therefore offers you maintenance contracts specially tailored to your baghouse. Our service teams carry out filter maintenance at fixed intervals. During such maintenance of your baghouse, we check the entire system for discrepancies and opportunities for optimization. During a filter maintenance, our specialized teams are committed to ensuring that all components of your baghouse are in first-class condition and that this condition is maintained. Our individually tailored contracts ensure high availability of your filter bag and baghouse.

You can rely on our expertise - with regular baghouse maintenance, we ensure top performance and a long service life for your baghouse.

Maintenance and inspection of your baghouse by our service team

  • During a filter maintenance session, our experienced service staff carry out a comprehensive visual and functional inspection of the entire system. The systematic inspection of the particle filters is carried out both in stationary and running operation, as well as from the raw gas inlet to the clean gas outlet. During filter maintenance, the cleaning of the filter elements is also checked in order to analyze and, if necessary, improve the energy efficiency of the air filters. In addition, a thorough functionality check of system-specific assemblies, such as insulation, valves, flaps or dust discharge, is also carried out during filter maintenance. The detailed inspection of your system's safety equipment is a top priority for us. This is essential to ensure the safety of your core process.
  • At your request, our service teams will be happy to carry out a leakage test as part of filter maintenance. By taking this additional measure, we ensure that your baghouse not only works efficiently, but also meets the highest quality standards. This proactive approach to filter maintenance allows us to identify potential problems at an early stage and ensure that your system always meets the highest performance and safety requirements. Thanks to these detailed checks during filter maintenance, it is possible to comprehensively identify all defects and rectify them if necessary. If necessary, we provide new products and carry out replacements during filter maintenance to ensure that your system is continuously equipped with high-quality elements.
  • BWF Envirotec documents all work and results in writing during filter maintenance. We attach great importance to transparency. The documentation that you receive from our service team after afilter servicecan also be submitted to the authorities as evidence if required. Filter maintenance provides you with information about the current condition of your baghouse and filter bags, which allows you to plan and control more effectively. After a filter maintenance, we will provide you with comprehensive information about major repairs to your baghouse and give you expert recommendations regarding filter replacement or cleaning..

Maintenance and servicing by BWF Envirotec means for you

  • Operational and production reliability
  • Compliance with technical regulations
  • Avoidance of unplanned filter house downtimes
  • Early detection and repair of damage
  • Longevity of the filter media
  • Reduction of economic risks
  • Reduction of operating costs
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