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Technical Needle Felts
Yard goods from BWF Protec

We have been producing technical needle felts by the yard for a wide variety of applications since 1960.

What is needle felt?

Needle felts - also known as nonwovens - usually consist of synthetic fibres which are processed into a stable flat structure by a mechanical needling process. Our synthetic needle felts feature various advantages and properties depending on the fibre used.

Needle felts from BWF Protec can do the following:

Depending on the fibre used, our synthetic needle felts are e.g:

  • temperature-resistant (e.g. meta-aramid and para-aramid felts)
  • chemical resistant (e.g. needle felts made of polypropylene or PTFE)
  • mechanically resistant (e.g. Dyneema or para-aramid classes)

We feature the following production capabilities: 

Area weight 50 - 10,000 g/m²
Thickness range 0.5 - 30 mm
Density range 0.08 - 0.40 g/cm³
Width up to 340 cm
(depending on area weight/thickness)
Roll length up to 1,000 running metre
(depending on grammage)

- without supporting scrim
- with supporting scrim
- pure-grade blend
- fibre blend
- sandwich construction

Fibres for technical needle felts

Depending on their requirements and area of application, at BWF Protec customers can select from technical needle felts made of any common synthetic fibre types, from polyester and aramid fibres to steel fibres. We also work with natural fibres such as wool and rayon.

Nor do we shy away from experimenting with new fibres for our technical needle felts. In this context, we work closely with our central R&D competence centre. Our specialists accompany you from the initial inquiry through to product development and the finished needle felt class.


synthetic fibers for technical needle felts

BWF Protec offers its customers the following advantages:

  • a broad variety of fibres

  • detailed advice on selecting the right fibres for your specific application area

  • testing of new fibre types and prototype production

A selection of our fibers can be found here:

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BWF Protec applications of technical needle felts e.g. railway seats
technical needle felt with surface treatment coating finish
technical wool felts
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