BWF Protec applications of technical needle felts e.g. railway seats

for technical needle felts

Whether it is a standard or niche product - our products are the right match for your application. Individualised and competent advice by our needle felt specialists is a key advantage. Working in close cooperation with our customers and our R&D competence centre, we develop technical needle felts that meet even highly individual requirements.

Whether by the yard or as endless round-needled tubes and belts, technical needle felts are suitable for a wide range of purposes.

BWF FireGuard®, BWF FlexGuard® and BWF Fireblocker

While needle felts made of high-tech fibres are often used as fire blockers in seats in a protective layer between the outer fabric and upholstery material, they can also be used in ceiling and wall coverings. Our felts meet the following standards, among others: EN 45545, F2 + M1 according to NF F16-101, FAR 25.853(a), IMO 2010 FTP Code part 8.

Fireblocker needle felts from BWF Protec protect seats against fire

Advantages of BWF Fireblocker needle felts

  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • does not melt or drip
  • low shrinkage
  • high LOI value
  • extremely low toxicity and minimal smoke development

Areas of application:

  • railway vehicles
  • aircrafts
  • public transport
  • public buildings
  • ships

HTM Handling
Handling and transport systems for the aluminium and glass industry

Relevant industries in this area include aluminium extrusion and the glass industry. Key materials include endless needled felt tubes and felt belts known under the brand BWF EXTRU-LINE®, as well as ready-made articles such as felt pads and spacer materials.

gentle transportation of aluminum profiles by needle felt rollers

Advantages of needle felt articles:

  • gentle transport of sensitive parts due to soft surfaces even at high temperatures
  • use of fibres suited to the respective temperature range

Heat & Safety
Unparalleled safety and protection under extreme conditions

Needle felts made of high-tech fibres such as para-aramid, meta-aramid, Dyneema®, and preoxidised PAN are extremely resistant to heat and cold, resistant to chemicals, highly resilient, cut and tear resistant and flame retardant, and therefore particularly well suited for work and heat safety.

needle felts e.g. made from aramid fibers are used in personal protective equipment (PPE)

Among others, the materials fulfil the following protection requirements:

  • radiant heat
  • cold
  • electrical insulation
  • flame protection
  • cut protection
  • puncture protection
  • flying sparks
  • molten metal splashes
  • electric arcs


  • protective clothing for fire brigades, police, rescue teams, special forces, extreme sports, etc.
  • welding protection
  • high-temperature and electrical insulation

Carbon Composite Felts
The basis for special high-temperature applications

Special needle felts made of rayon or preoxidised PAN provide a base material for further carbonisation, e.g. for

  • high-temperature insulation in furnaces
  • energy storage systems
  • carbon brakes
Needle felts (rayon, preox PAN, SFO) form the basis for carbonisation, e.g. for brakes in racing sports.

Industrial Specials & Components
Highly versatile products and components for a great variety of industries

Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of standardised or individualised needle felt solutions for a wide range of applications.

Technical felts e.g. washing felts in textile car washs.

Potential applications for technical needle felts in industry include:

  • steel industry: brake felts BWF CoilTec, cleaning felts
  • car washs: washing and drying felts for car, bus and train washing systems
  • laundry industry: clothing ironing, ironing press supports
  • household appliance industry: Drum seals for laundry dryers, seals, insulations
  • polishing and grinding industry: Electro-polishing, welding seam cleaning
  • other industries: shoe industry, medicine, orthopaedics, etc.

All-round protection, insulation and damping for vehicles and components

Depending on heat resistance or economy requirements, we offer technical needle felts made of a wide variety of fibre types for use in vehicle interiors and engine compartments. Depending on your requirements, the materials we use meet the standards MVSS 302 or UL94V V0.

Needle felts as insulation for engine components in the automotive sector

Areas of application:

  • insulation
  • sound insulation
  • heat protection
  • padding

Water filters, acoustic felts, components for filter bags

Our environment is an asset that is worth protecting. BWF Protec translates this value into real life through various products.

To complement the BWF Envirotec division product portfolio, we offer the following components for industrial filtration:

needle felt components for filtration e.g. water filters

Our industrial filtration components

  • endless round needled sealing rings with an inner diameter up to 450 mm
  • door seals (endless strips beginning at 12 mm width)
  • pocket supports
  • sliding covers for flushing nozzles
  • expansion joints
  • BWF AirslideTec fluidising felts for transporting powdery bulk materials

Other fields of application:

  • filter tubes/cartridges for water filters
  • acoustic felts
  • BWF TubeTec for trenchless rehabilitation of sewerage systems (CIPP)
BWF Fireblocker for train seating


Fire protection in trains

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BWF Protec needle felts in racing suits

Heat & Safety

Needle felts provide protection in racing suits

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Endless belts and felt rollers on an aluminium extrusion line

HTM Handling

Endless belts for aluminium extrusion

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