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When it comes to health, we don't cut corners - after all, we all want what's best for ourselves and our loved ones. In the health and medical sectors, we at BWF Group use our products in a wide variety of applications and leverage our cross-divisional synergies to be able to react quickly and competently to all health-related requirements.

Medical Engineering

In hospitals you will encounter several BWF Group products, even though they might be well hidden. Plastic housings from BWF Thermoforms and special felts from BWF Protec are used in medical devices, such as anaesthesia equipment, for example, but can also be found in laboratory equipment, dental technology and orthopaedics. Wool felt from BWF Feltec is ideal for medical insoles. A glance upwards will likely direct your gaze to the plastic profiles of BWF Profiles, ​which are used in hospital lighting.

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Hygiene partition health medicine


There might even be a piece of us hiding in hygiene products, linings and upholstery, or to be exact: antibacterial felts from BWF Feltec and BWF Protec as well as protective hygiene screens BWF Safety Guard from BWF Profiles as a barrier against corona and flu viruses.

BWF Protec nonwovens are also used in products for operating theatres such as masks, gowns or caps. The hygiene felts from BWF Protec and BWF Feltec are also used for wound dressings, e.g. for chemical injuries or for swabs. The technical felts from BWF Feltec also provide lasting antibacterial protection on door handles, light switches and other hygiene-critical surfaces in hospitals, surgeries, old people's and nursing homes, as well as in the private sector. The product range of BWF Envirotec, BWF Protec and BWF Feltec includes so-called medical felts, e.g. as thread stoppers for operations and needle felt for the production of incontinence mats, e.g. for old people's homes. Room air filters for keeping the air clean in operating theatres, intensive care units, clean rooms, etc. are the speciality of BWF Envirotec, our specialist in the area of filtration.

BWF Feltec's pollutant-absorbing and antibacterial/antiviral wool felt products, e.g. BWF colorPAD® panels or mobile partitions can be found in hospitals, rehab clinics or nursing homes.

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