Presentation counters Point of Sale plastic profiles

Presentation counters

Plastic profiles for high-quality and decorative product presentation

Premium goods require appropriate presentation. A counter or display must attract the attention of the potential buyers and motivate them to make a purchase decision. At the same time, the goods should be tastefully and attractively arranged. At BWF Profiles, we work with you to develop high-quality extruded plastic profiles that optimally meet these requirements. Brilliant, high-gloss surfaces are just as possible as the targeted use of optical effects.

Special requirements for our BWF Profiles products in the area of presentation counters

  • Colour composition with due regard to your corporate design

  • Creation of a fascinating depth effect that immediately catches the eye, e.g. by using two different materials (co-extrusion process)

  • Application of logo prints using the innovative pad printing process in our own

  • Extruded ticket holders (also available with hinge if required)

Presentation counters Point of Sale plastic profiles
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