BWF Protec Heat & Safety

Heat & Safety

BWF Protec technical needle felts protect people

Made of special high-tech fibres, our technical needle felts are heat and cold resistant, chemical resistant, cut and tear resistant as well as flame retardants, protecting people no matter whether they are fire fighters, police officers or racing drivers. Our needle felts are often not visible, finding use as insulation lining or inserts for protection against cuts.

needle felts provide protection in racing suits

Heat & Safety

Needle felts provide protection in racing suits

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Aramide felts protect firefighters

Heat & Safety

Protection for fire-fighters
welding protection with SFO needle felts

Heat & Safety

Welding protection with SFO needle felts

A sample of our references:

Quality Field of application Function
PBI needle felt Racing Insulation lining
Meta-aramid needle felt Fire-fighter attire Insulation lining
Para-aramid needle felt Motor sports Abrasion protection
Dyneema® needle felt Gloves, protective vests Puncture protection
Meta-aramid needle felt Electrical industry Insulation
Preox needle felt Welding protection Protective mats


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