Lighting Aviation Plastic profiles

Lighting for aviation

Light, compact and safe through the skies

LEDs have also become an indispensable element of cabin lighting in civil aviation. Extruded plastic profiles from BWF Profiles offer the possibility of precise lighting control, both for large-area illumination and for targeted directional lighting.

Homogeneous lighting ensures a pleasant atmosphere on board and increases comfort, even on long flights. In addition, lightweight, compact profiles reduce weight and help to save valuable resources. But the well-being of the passengers and the crew always comes first. Therefore, our BWF Profiles plastic products address special requirements in this area.

Special requirements for our BWF Profiles products for the illumination in the aeroplane

  • Use of flame-protection plastic materials that do not emit toxic vapours even in the event of fire

  • Safety through the use of materials that meet current fire protection standards

  • Targeted light guidance and directional control through the use of prism structures and lenses

  • Special colourings and additives for homogeneous illumination

Lighting Aviation Extruded plastic profiles
Lighting Aviation Extruded plastic profiles
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