Plastic profiles in industrial halls

Industrial lighting

Efficient solutions for the workplace

The lighting of industrial halls in particular demands efficient solutions. High shelves, narrow walkways and different natural lighting conditions in different work areas often pose major challenges. At BWF Profiles, we work with you to develop high-quality extruded plastic profiles , tubes , sheets   and optical foils that are exactly tailored to suit these challenges.

Special requirements for our BWF Profiles products in the industrial lighting sector

  • Development of covers for strip lighting systems as well as individual lights

  • Consideration of requirements such as resistance to splash and jet water

  • Building ready-to-install products through processing steps such as milling, gluing, ultrasonic welding, etc. in the in-house

  • Use of prismatic structures to direct light for optimum glare control in the workplace

Plastic profiles in industrial halls
Plastic profiles in industrial halls
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