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Thermoformed parts from BWF Thermoforms

Found in the most diverse areas

In addition to numerous projects in medical engineering , our thermoformed parts from BWF Thermoforms are also at home in lighting, machine and apparatus construction, air conditioning technology, measurement and electrical engineering, and laboratory technology. We manufacture individual, precise covers and housing parts from a wide variety of materials . Our unique surface ultrastructure gives your plastic part an individual and high-quality appearance. Whether from diffuse materials such as Satiné-Blend or high impact polystyrene ­– BWF Thermoforms offers thermoformed parts of high quality at an economically viable price.

Special requirements for our BWF Thermoforms products

  • Highest precision in technical details, e.g. ventilation slots

  • Homogeneous surfaces, for example for the lighting industry, thanks to the use of
    specially developed materials, such as BWF colourLED® or Satiné-Blend

  • Use of recyclable materials

  • Use of chemical-resistant and flame-protection materials

  • Application of lacquer finishes or customised screen prints

Thermoformed parts covers for air conditioning systems

Air conditioning technology

Housing for living space ventilation systems
Thermoformed parts for cash register housings

Measurement and electrical engineering

Cash register housings for gastronomy
Thermoformed parts housings for mechanical and apparatus engineering

Mechanical and apparatus engineering

Panelling for beverage vending machines
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