Extruded plastic profiles POS ticket profiles

Ticket profiles

Plastic profiles for more than just price information

Label holders and price tag holders can be found in all supermarkets. In addition to a clear display of the selling price, labelling systems should also make it easy to change price labels. At BWF Profiles, we work with you to develop high-quality extruded plastic profiles that optimally meet these requirements. Whether pushed on or clipped on, our products always fit perfectly and precisely.

Special requirements for our BWF Profiles products in the field of ticket systems

  • Brilliant transparency through the use of high-quality materials

  • Plastic profiles for clipping on or sliding in

  • Development of co-extruded plastic profiles, e.g. for a hinge function for quick and uncomplicated exchange of price labels

  • Printing logos using the innovative pad printing process in the in-house processing centre

Extruded plastic profiles POS ticket profiles

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