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Our comprehensive service portfolio ensures that your filter bags and baghouse are always in reliable operating condition:

  • For the lowest emissions in dedusting technology
  • Optimum operation throughout the entire life cycle of your filter bags
  • Individually tailored to the dedusting in your baghouse

Our service portfolio for services relating to dedusting technology - BWF Envirotec

BWF Envirotec provides you with a comprehensive range of services in the field of dedusting technology. This is based on many years of practical experience with our international customers. Through our cooperation with numerous baghouse manufacturers, we have also gained valuable knowledge in a wide range of industries and technologies. Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from our first-class service. It is of central importance to us that you as a customer are completely satisfied. Your needs are the focus of our efforts and we do everything we can to exceed your expectations. We develop and produce the optimum filter medium for you, ensure the assembly and accompany you during the commissioning of the filter bags on site.

We always look at the interaction between the baghouse and filter bag. After all, the effectiveness of your dedusting process can only be ensured if all components are optimally matched to each other. That's why we always start with a consultation. Our specialist staff will analyze all the parameters of your baghouse and develop the right offer for you. During the project phase, your project manager is available to you as a contact person for all matters. We assure you of consistent adherence to fixed schedules and the fulfillment of milestones. BWF Envirotec pursues a partnership approach that goes beyond the sale of products. Our focus is on creating sustainable relationships based on trust, innovation and first-class support.

Benefit from our know-how. Our many years of practical experience ensure maximum performance of your baghouse.

Key elements of our service portfolio:

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Customized filter development
  • Production and delivery
  • Installation, maintenance/repair
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Training and seminars

Dedusting technology for safe plant operation - by BWF Envirotec

Through precise design and advanced technologies, BWF Envirotec ensures that your operation not only meets the highest safety standards, but also guarantees efficient and environmentally friendly operation. Our experts are always keen to identify and minimize potential sources of danger in dedusting technology for your plant safety. The safety of your regular operation is important to us. Preventive maintenance and servicing of your dedusting technology play a central role in this. Regular inspection of all system components not only ensures optimum performance efficiency, but also makes a significant contribution to operational safety. This ensures optimized separation of harmful particles from our air.

It goes without saying that we carry out all services in strict compliance with occupational health and safety guidelines (UVV). The safety of everyone involved is our top priority. For BWF Envirotec, regular training and seminars are a fundamental part of ensuring occupational safety when handling dust extraction technology. Our comprehensive workplace safety measures not only ensure compliance with legal regulations, but also protect against potential risks and promote a safe working environment.

Maintenance and servicing by our dust extraction experts - BWF Envirotec

  • Even after the successful commissioning of your dedusting technology, BWF Envirotec remains a reliable partner at your side. Our professional team remains committed to your satisfaction and ensures that the dedusting system continues to function efficiently and effectively. Downtimes should be avoided at all costs, especially in industrial dedusting systems. Modern system monitoring, well thought-out planning and trained personnel are crucial to your success.
  • Through regular inspections, maintenance and proactive support, we ensure that your dedusting system and dedusting technology meet the highest standards and comply with environmental regulations. Damage to the filter bag or the system can be detected and rectified by our experts in this way. Research into disruptive factors or potential faults is essential in order to avoid future damage to your dedusting technology. These measures are not only preventative, but also play a central role in ensuring the safe and environmentally friendly operation of your core process.
  • BWF Envirotec's ongoing support extends beyond standard maintenance by proactively highlighting potential upgrades or optimizations. It is essential to constantly adapt the baghouse to changing technological standards to ensure that your dust collection technology remains fit for the future. Our job is to identify problems and solve them before they become serious challenges.

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