Industrial Felt:
As a manufacturer, BWF Protec offers technical needle felts for industrial applications of all kinds

When the division was founded in 1993, BWF Protec was actually still called the Industrial Felt Division, which still aptly describes one of our core businesses. We continue to be a manufacturer of so-called industrial felt for a wide variety of industries - from car wash manufacturers to the household appliance industry to the laundry industry - to name just a small selection.
Today we summarize this area under the heading of:

Industrial Specials & Components
Why you should buy industrial felt from BWF Protec

At BWF Protec you can not only purchase industrial felt by the meter, but also as cut-to-size parts, punched parts, needle felt strips, endless needled felt rollers or needle felt belts.
Below you will find a small overview of the industrial sectors in which our needle felts have already proved successful. If you don't find what you're looking for here, don't worry: That doesn't mean we don't have a suitable solution for you - or that we won't find it for you. Our specialists will always be happy to help you.

Washing and drying felts
for car washes

A clean car that shines in the sun? That should be the result of a trip through the car wash.
Textile car washes and car wash lines are one of the few areas where our industrial felts are used for everyone to see. Here, technical needle felts from BWF Protec also clean and dry your vehicle without damaging the varnish - our customers already swear by them. We supply well-known carwash manufacturers with colored industrial felt by the meter or cut to size, precisely tailored to brushes for carwash processing.
Cleanliness also for large vehicles: washing systems equipped with synthetic needle felt are also available for buses, trains and trucks.

Footwear Industry:
Industrial felt for manufacturers of soles and shoes

Classically, you certainly know slippers made of wool felt. This is not the division of BWF Protec - here you would be better off with our colleagues from BWF Feltec.
Our technical needle felts like to work behind the scenes in the shoe industry. For example, industrial felt is used in the manufacture of high-quality soles for hiking, trekking and mountain boots. Here, needle felts support the optimal cohesion of the sole-shoe construction.
In addition, needle felts from BWF Protec also warm your feet, e.g. as insoles or pull-in socks for rubber boots. Here, of course, qualities with wool content are preferred, as wool is known to have a temperature balancing effect

Footwear Industry
Industrial felt is used in shoes
Needle Felts
for the sole production
Liner sock
for rubber boots

Needle felt belts
for cutting tables

For our own cutting table we were looking for an alternative to the conventional, rather expensive belts. Without hesitation, we, as an industrial felt manufacturer, developed our own clearing belt, which we of course also use ourselves. With our BWF BeltTec line, we can now offer you a durable, hard-wearing and cost-effective nonwoven felt belt for cutting tables. You will receive the belts cut to length and width with a prefabricated connector.

Your advantages:

  • long service life due to "self-healing" effect
  • smooth, even surface
  • good air permeability
  • high strength
  • low elongation
  • low abrasion wear
  • flexible despite high material density

Steel Industry:
Coil felt & more

Braking, cleaning, oiling - also in the steel service center, for example, industrial felt is used as so-called coil felt (brake felt in the brake frame) when processing coils.
Other applications for industrial felt by the meter or cut to size in the steel industry include:

  • surface protection during storage and transport
  • continuous cleaning of cylinder rollers
  • removal of excess oil
  • oiling of sheets before cutting and punching
  • stop felt
  • etc.

Whether galvanized, coated, stainless steel, soft sheet - depending on the type of steel sheet and the surface condition of the sheet, very different requirements are placed here on the degree of hardness and condition of the coil felt. Here we offer a wide range of needle felt qualities under the name BWF CoilTec. Depending on the requirements, we supply the industrial felt to our customers as meter goods, sheet goods, felt mats and cut parts.

Brake felts
for the steel industry
BWF CoilTec needle felts
for the steel industry

Tumble Dryer & Co.
Industrial felt components for household appliances and laundries

Another area in which industrial felt, needle felt & co. are used is the household appliance industry and the laundry sector.
In the household, sealing felt strips (also as a composite material made of nonwovens and foam) help to keep laundry drums tight, among other things.
In the laundry industry, industrial felt made of heat- and chemical-resistant synthetic fibers is used, for example, for ironer windings, conveyor belts in hot ironers, press pads, iron pads, iron insulation or for functional parts in cleaning equipment. Depending on the area of application, we can supply felt mats, cut-to-size parts, sewn or punched parts - or even the needle felt by the meter. In addition, we also offer a wide variety of finishes for this area (e.g. flame-retardant, anti-static or hydrolyte-resistant).

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