BWF Thermoforms Thermoformed parts

Thermoformed parts
of high quality from BWF Thermoforms

Our subsidiary BWF Thermoforms specialises in thermoformed high-quality visible parts, technical functional components, light covers and reflectors. The ideal addition to our BWF Profiles product portfolio.

BWF Profiles manufactures all kinds of plastic parts from a variety of special materials and common thermoplastics. Whether your project features generous curves or sharp-edged details, we partner with our customers to implement their individual designs in the highest quality and optics available.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Ideal for small quantities and medium-sized series
  • Highly complex requirements possible, e.g. undercuts or snap hooks
  • Low tool costs
  • Advice and support beginning at the concept
  • Rapid turn-around times

Wide range of applications for our thermoformed parts

  • Mechanical and apparatus engineering
  • Medical engineering / Laboratory technology
  • Measurement technology / Electrical engineering
  • Air conditioning
  • Automotive engineering
  • Buses and trains
  • Lighting
  • Props for film and theatre

High-quality visible parts
Brilliant surfaces, with low investment on tools

Thermoforming is an ideal process especially for cladding parts.  We manufacture individual plastic products that will lend your housing an outstanding appearance.

High-quality visible thermoformed parts

Advantages of high-quality visible parts

  • Precise, sharp-edged thermoformed parts
  • High-quality surfaces
  • Low investment costs

Technical functional components
High levels of complexity professionally implemented

BWF Thermoforms offers a full range of service from a single source. From materials to the tool to the finishing, we meet customers' specific requirements in order to guarantee the ideal functionality of their components. We are capable of manufacturing highly complex technical functional components according to specific requirements.

Technical functional components

Solutions we have implemented include:

  • Sharp-edged design joints and undercuts
  • Undercuts at the edge or on a surface by appropriate design and observing certain limits
  • Undercuts with step to obtain dividing line or design joint
  • Snap hook for connecting two halves through precise shaping of the undercut

Further services for our range of technical functional components:

  • Painting in the RAL colour of your choice
  • EMC coating
  • Silk-screen printing
  • Pad printing
  • Laser engraving

Lighting covers and reflectors
Diverse designs

We constantly strive to combine the highest quality with excellent customer service. Whether it is reflectors that provide excellent light reflection or lamp covers made of high-quality materials - at BWF Thermoforms your ideas take shape.

Lighting covers and reflectors

Advantages of our lighting covers and reflectors

Lighting covers

  • Even light distribution
  • Use of high-quality transparent and satined materials
  • Freedom of design (generous curves or sharp-edged details)
  • Special mounting options possible


  • Complex geometries possible
  • 50% energy savings due to increased efficiency
  • Natural light reflection without interfering colours
  • Uniform illumination
  • Use of high-quality lighting materials, such as BWF reflectWHITE
medical engineering thermoformed parts opto-mechanical

Thermoformed parts in use

Plastic housing for an opto-mechanical apparatus

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