Needle felt by itself isn't enough?

Certain applications require special finishing, coatings or surface treatments.
In this case too, we can help.

Your advantage: We will find the right finish for you based on your reuirements.

For needle felt yard goods our product range includes:

  • full bath finish, e.g. flame retardant, antistatic, oil and water repellent, thermal or chemical stiffening
  • full-surface one-sided coatings, foams, e.g. spark blockers, B1/B2, superabsorbers, anti-slip finish, adhesive coating, one-sided flame-retardant
  • surface treatments, e.g. singeing, calendering, pressing
  • laminated with self-adhesive foil
  • laminated with aluminised foil

Endless belts can be refined through:

  • tape back stiffener
  • anti-slip coating
  • anti-stick coating
  • paint coatings
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