Career at the BWF Group

Career at the BWF Group

Global Player and Family Business

The BWF Group is a 5th generation family-owned, multinational company with subsidiaries in 16 countries and headquarters in Germany. As the Technology Leader & Innovation Partner in our fields, we and our 1.800 employees defend our global market leaderships every day and thus secure the success of tomorrow.

With four divisions and different locations worldwide, our employees have a wide variety of opportunities, both at home and abroad. What you can always expect: Communication at eye level, the will to do even better and above all: a unique group of dedicated and team-minded employees.

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The BWF Group

Our four company divisions

The BWF Group has four corporate divisions and therefore many facets. Within the whole Group we don't just focus on one product, quite the opposite: each division has their very own product range.

BWF Envirotec, BWF Protec, BWF Feltec and BWF Profiles act independently and manufacture products for a variety of industries and applications. They are supported by our in-house Research & Development departments, which use state-of-the-art technology to continuously work on new products and materials.