internal colour laboratory

Colour laboratory

Where colour brightens every day

Transparent, translucent or opaque: whether it is from a sample, Röhm/Evonik colour cards, Pantone or the RAL spectrum - products from BWF Profiles are available in all colours according to your reference. We work with a modern colour measuring system, by means of a spectrophotometer with special colour formulation software. This enables objective colour comparison under different colorimetric aspects, and a resulting optimal colour fastness.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Customer-specific colouring according to your colour concept
  • Different possibilities for colouring (liquid colours, masterbatch or self-created compounds)
  • In-house colour laboratory and personal consultation

Individual colour charts

Working from your ideas, we create an individual colour chart that we then send to you in advance for inspection and approval. During the production process, the colour you have chosen is then applied to your plastic profile, plastic tube, plastic panel or deep-drawn and injection-moulded part.

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