Inhouse tool construction

Tool manufacture

Precision and flexibility

Over 60 years' experience guarantee optimal solutions. Our in-house tool shop is equipped with advanced CAD/CAM technology. Modern machinery with CNC-controlled milling and wire eroding machines allows us to realise even the most complicated profile cross-sections and geometries quickly and economically. Producing plastic profiles requires specialist knowledge and years of experience. The right tools ensure smooth production processes and consistently high quality.

Your benefits at a glance

  • In-house tool construction with comprehensively trained employees
  • Rapid and precise creation of your tool(s)
  • Flexible production process
  • Subsequent tool storage

Tools built for the most demanding requirements

Tool manufacture is an essential step in developing and building plastic parts. Our tool designers develop an individual tool for each plastic profile or thermoformed part , designing them initially with a 3D CAD system. The tool design is prepared on the CAD system then transferred directly to the CNC-controlled machinery - quickly, reliably and precisely.

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