Verleihung Bundesverdienstkreuz an Stefan Offermann
BWF Group
Federal Cross of Merit for Stefan Offermann

In recognition for his outstanding entrepreneurial and honorary activities, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit by the Bavarian Minister of…

Nikolai Beranek Thomas Chodora
BWF Envirotec
Division Management at BWF Envirotec and Director Human Resources BWF Group

Nikolai Beranek has been Managing Director (EMEA SA) at BWF Envirotec since January 2022. He succeeds Thomas Chodora, who has been responsible for…

bwf envirotec worldwide plants sales offices location
BWF Envirotec
BWF Envirotec Group acquires ACMA in Spain

The BWF Envirotec Group will acquire its long-time partner, ACMA, in Spain on January 1, 2022. This acquisition will enable the BWF Envirotec Group to…

BWF LIKE+ app employees worldwide
BWF Group

There are two big HIGHLIGHTS this year. Our 125 years anniversary and our BWF LIKE+ app. Now the whole BWF Group world can use our app. It will…

125 BWF Group anniversary
BWF Group
125 Years BWF Group

We are starting our anniversary year.

This year will be a special year for BWF Group. It is our 125th anniversary year. 125 years are just the…

BWF Group Management Retirement Stefan Offermann
BWF Group
37 Years Stefan Offermann

Stefan Offermann has retired from the management of the BWF Group after 37 years. The fourth generation is thus saying goodbye and leaving the field…

BWF Group news felt ball challenge
BWF Group
We@BWFGroup around the world challenge

A felt ball flying around the world? Let us surprise you with our challenge.

BWF Envirotec Germany Ahlen
BWF Envirotec
New location for the Sales and Service Team

By relocating the MaViUS Service Team and the Sales Team from Hamm and Warendorf, respectively, to Ahlen, we are consolidating the presence of BWF…

BWF Envirotec services optimization baghouse pulse-jet
BWF Envirotec
Keeping your finger

In most cement production cases, pulse jet cleaned filter systems with textile filter elements serve to dedust product and exhaust gas flows. In…

BWF Coughing protection
BWF Group
BWF Safety Guard

Our BWF Safety Guard provides an additional barrier against corona and flu viruses and thus prevents faster spreading.