Endless applications

BWF INFINITE® profiles made from flexible PMMA offer infinite possibilities for the design of curved, endless applications.

BWF INFINITE® is particularly suitable for hard/soft material combinations in the PMMA range. Accordingly, cross sections can be jointed using a hinge element  made of BWF INFINITE®. Possible Shore hardnesses can be defined together with our product development department. New assembly concepts can also be developed in cooperation with BWF Profiles. Due to the inherent stability of the material, we recommend a maximum width of 100 mm for profiles. The bending capacity depends on the cross-section of the profile. The wider the profile, the greater the bending radius.
In addition, BWF INFINITE® can be used in conjunction with PMMA as a transparent seal for IP requirements.

We will be pleased to assist you with the implementation of your individual design.


  • Shore hardness may be adjusted according to specification
  • flexibility of the material allows for bending in x and y direction
  • no hot forming necessary
  • tolerances and properties similar to standard PMMA
  • excellent UV stability
  • any colouring is possible e.g. in BWF colourLED®
  • profiles can be machined and glued
  • flexible material can be co-extruded with standard PMMA

Technical Details

  • Shore hardness from 75 to 95 Shore A
  • when used as a gasket also as 65 Shore A
  • densitiy: 1,10 g/cm³
  • grade of transmission: 91 % (3 mm, transparent)
  • linear coefficient of thermal expansion: 0,7 mm/10°K
  • excellent adhesion on PMMA
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