Day & Night

Day & Night
Black as night when unlighted -

bright as day when artificially lighted

The special BWF colouration of our satinated PMMA material. Due to its excellent light dispersion it is the ideal solution for all applications which are designed to make a strong colour impression at day and night.

For the perfect Day & Night effect we recommend to install the plastic profile in a light sealed housing.

The Day & Night colouration can be produced in the usual wall thicknesses.


  • for example, illuminated advertisting  systems, illuminated signs, boards in public buildings, railway stations, underground car parks, airports, etc.
  • POS systems, displays
  • decoration, design, architecture
  • lighting

Technical Details

  • machining properties similar to PMMA material
  • linear coefficient of thermal expansion similar to PMMA or Acryl-Satiné material: 0,8mm/10° difference in temperature
  • density: 1,19 g/cm³
  • grade of transmission: approximately 25 %

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