Light-reflecting plastic sheets BWF reflectWHITE

Light-reflecting plastic sheets
Improve lamp efficiency

In addition to our light-directing, light-diffusing and light-conducting plastic sheets, we also offer BWF reflectWHITE light-reflecting sheets to ensure your lamp's optimum performance.

Advantages of our light-reflecting sheets

  • Very high degree of reflection
  • Excellent light diffusion
  • Natural light reflection without blue colouration
  • Excellent thermal formability
  • Can be used both as reflector panel and thermoformed
  • Simple, non-cutting punching

Our light-reflecting sheets can be used for a wide variety of applications

  • Shallow lamp systems with lateral LED light introduction
  • As thermoformed or punched reflector from our subsidiary BWF Thermoforms


BWF reflectWHITE Sheets
Natural light reflection

With a certain minimum order quantity (MOQ), you can also order our BWF reflectWHITE light-reflecting sheets. These sheets can significantly increase your product's lamp efficiency.


Light-reflecting plastic sheets BWF reflectWHITE



Use of BWF reflectWHITE

Thermoformed reflectors from our subsidiary BWF Thermoforms

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