The BWF Group is member of the Maschinenraum!
We are joining the established network for family businesses in Berlin

The BWF Group has been a member of the Maschinenraum since 01 April 2024. The Maschinenraum is a shared ecosystem developed by family businesses for family businesses. The focus is on networking and sharing experience, knowledge, skills and resources. Against the backdrop of the challenges facing Germany as a business location, we are pursuing the goal of driving innovation in new business areas and asserting ourselves in a technology-intensive environment. The exchange with other companies as part of the Maschinenraum network aims to jointly develop solutions for challenges such as recruiting skilled workers and securing Germany's position as a business location.

I got to know the Maschinenraum a few years ago. We are delighted that we are now part of it. To overcome current and future challenges, we firmly believe that we are simply stronger together. That is why we are joining the innovative machine room network.

BWF Group & Maschinenraum

During a one-day onboarding workshop in Berlin, we worked out the BWF Group's needs and ideas for the membership and were already able to find the first valuable points of contact in the network. It was impressive to see how much energy and passion we have put into our membership together with the Maschinenraum team. We are very much looking forward to the next steps and to many exciting projects and topics in the context of the Maschinenraum ecosystem.