Top Quality Through Laboratory Analysis
at BWF Protec

Each product is carefully laboratory-tested to establish its characteristics: Fibres, fabrics and needle felts are subjected to in-depth analysis by our R&D team. With a large number of highly specialised devices for analysis, we are well equipped to take on any number of tasks and challenges, either at our R&D competence centre at BWF Group headquarters or on site with BWF Protec. At BWF, laboratory analysis accompanies projects from the initial concept all the way up through the finished product.

Chemical-physical analyses:

  • FTIR spectroscopy: Analysis of fibres and changes in the chemical structure

  • wet chemical methods for analysing chemical finishes

  • extraction plants for testing fibres and fibre-adjacent materials

  • equipment to test the chemical and thermal resilience of needle felts

Mechanical-technological tests

This involves the analysis of customer samples, and the determination of the physical product parameters.

  • analysis of fibre fineness and fabric structure
  • determination of weight per unit area, thickness and density
  • tensile strength and tear resistance tests
  • bending stiffness test
  • Martindale abrasion test
  • determination of air permeability
  • determination of electrostatic behaviour
  • determination of thermal behaviour (shrinkage)
  • surface finish analysis

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